Alpha & Oméga was established in 1989 by Mrs. Diane Bédard and Mr. François Daigle. In the spirit of this technological era its founders created this company to respond to the increasing demand, from enterprises that specialize in such fields as manufacturing and assembling, for cutting edge industrial control systems and robotics.

 From its modest beginnings, small automation projects and industrial software contracts, our company has rapidly evolved to the realization and integration of large-scale projects. In fact, our quality control, our capability to adapt to new technologies and the quality of our interventions are some of the major ingredients that contributed to our rapid growth. Today, Alpha & Oméga has a dedicated and knowledgeable team of ten members, which have an average of eight years of experience. From complementary and diversified fields (manufacturing, engineering, training, programming, robotics...) our personnel is flexible, versatile and capable to adapt to the needs of the industry.

 It is in the minding of our founders that we maintain our bearing in a world in constant mutation: "expand our technological horizons and preserve our work force which is synonymous to continuity, stability and know-how".

 Our mission is to offer integrated solutions that correspond to our client's needs in terms of industrial technology. Furthermore, we must use our insight and expertise to alleviate the strains our client face relative to our intervention.

 To meet our objectives we capitalize on our expertise and personnel. In fact, each member of our dedicated team has at heart to deliver a product that will be:


 This product must also account for the constant changes in technologies and be a contemporary solution to our client needs.

 In order to respond quickly to the rapid evolution of our environment we have established a rigorous and ongoing training program based on the latest software and hardware available on the market. This approach is our pledge that all our people will have the most pertinent solutions and working tools. Furthermore, it allows us to evaluate new applications and thus rapidly corner the pros and cons inherent to each of them.

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