Among the more important and noticeable accomplishments of Alpha & Oméga :





Process simulation software
Bombardier Inc.
  Development of a process simulation software for the training of the automated cementing cell operators.

Management software
Québec Fer et Titane
 Realization of an electrical maintenance management software.

Inter-PLC network
Bombardier Inc.
 Design and start-up of a 19 PLCs and 20 computers network (both on optical fiber).

Time management software
Bombardier Inc.
  Development of a software (on PLC and user interface) that manages working days and hours (including break times) for the start-up and the shut down of the entire Sea-Doo factory (3 quarters of work and 4 possible workers groups).


New painting line
Bombardier Inc.
 Implementation of a computer-managed production, transport and treatment system for parts (consisting of 5 control & management computers, 17 PLC, 17 robots and 16 user interfaces). The painting line supports pre-treatment procedures, a paint recovery and recycling system, drying and cooking ovens and electrostatic painting of parts. This accomplishment consists of a 10 km overhead (power & free) conveyor, 100 switches, 2 000 carriers (20 different types), and real-time parts tracking system on the overhead conveyor, numerous part elevators and a control system for the robots. The computer-managed production system has approximately 15 access stations with SQL Server (database). Training was provided for the production foreman, operators and technicians (including breakdowns).

Automated bending machine
Fédico Inc.
 Design and implementation of the instrumentation, control system and software (PLC and user interface) of an automated bending machine (loading 7 stage bending and unloading). This realization included servo-valve hydraulic actuators with positioning feedback. Pre-operational verifications, start-up and optimization.

Snowmobile frame manufacturing cell
Bombardier Inc.
 Implementation of a snowmobile frame manufacturing system. This cell consists of one control and management computer, 13 PLCs, 19 robots (10 with fast retooling systems) and 11 user interfaces. Automated welding, riveting and painting. This realization has two bending machines, various part cleaning systems, a 23 stations conveyor for the transport of welding templates, 20 parts store and manipulators, an overhead (power & free) conveyor and carriers. Works schedules management software and a problem solving software were also created. Training was provided for the production foreman, operators and technicians (including breakdowns).

Pouring bucket
Alcan Inc.
 Design and implementation of a semiautomatic anode iron casting cell. This cell consists of 1 PLC and 1 user interface for the 3-axle semiautomatic pouring bucket manipulator. Training was provided for the production foreman, operators and technicians (including breakdowns).

Automated welding cell
Dalkotech Inc.
 Implementation of an automated parts welding system with a robot that controls its environment (security, switch box, etc.).

Dry air purification system
Alcan Inc.
 Pre-operating verifications, software and start-up of the dry air purification system in the carbon center.

Automated cementing cell
Bombardier Inc.
 Software, programming and implementation (PLC and user interface) of an automated cementing cell. The cell consists of 2 Fanuc S-420 robots on a mobile platform which can alternate in the event one of the robots breakdown. Development and implementation of a coded communication technique between the robots and PLC which accounted for error checking. Pre-operating verifications, start-up and optimization where performed on the systems. The cell also included various conveyors and parts matching manipulators. A procedure emulation program was developed for the training of operators.

Anode ovens control systems modernization
Alcan Inc.
 Design (electric and software) for the anode ovens (Péchiney type) automation project. The undertaking included, among others, relative instrumentation, 23 PLCs and 10 peer to peer networked user interfaces. Computer assisted design on AutoCAD.

Overpressure station
City of Roberval
 Software design for an overpressure station. This realization included pre-operating verifications and start-up.

Centralization of building data
Bombardier Inc.
 Data gathering from various factories concerning gas consumption, grounds alarm and ventilation control. Consist of 12 PLCs and 3 user interfaces.

Data collection of purification sites
City of Buckingham.
 Telemetric data gathering from various sites of a water purification system.

Cooling system monitoring
Bombardier Inc.
 Implementation of a centralized monitoring and control system for an exchanger/cooling entity.

Hull boring cell
Bombardier Inc.
 Automation of a hull boring cell for Sea-Doo vehicles (consists of 3 PLCs, 4 robots and 3 user interfaces). The robots are equipped with linear positioning captors (to locate mobile references on the hull) and a quick loading system for the tools used in boring external and internal hulls.

Electrostatic painting cell
Bombardier Inc.
 Investigation, correction and approbation of propositions brought by different specialized firms. Help to the conception of the PLC software and conception of the user interface software. Pre-operational verifications, start-up and optimization. The cell has a "Power and Free" type conveyor system with 30 stopping points and 8 code readers for all the 460 carriers. Besides the conveyor, the cell has a 7 stages pre-treatment system and a 3 stages post treatment system. The environmental room has a painting robot and oscillators, all realizing a fast color change system.

Packing cell
Bombardier Inc.
 Electrical conception and control if a snowmobile semiautomatic packing cell. Conception of the software (PLC and user interface). Pre-operational verifications, start-up and optimization. The cell has several conveyor lines bringing automatically raw material and doing circulate vehicles to 3 way out elevators.

Automated stuffing machine
Caron Ltée
  Electrical and software conception of an automatic cushion stuffing machine.

Injection press
Plastiques Gagnon Inc.
 Automation of a plastic injection press.

Automated peat packing machine
Tourbières Premiers Inc.
 Conception, realization and optimization of an automatic peat packing machine.

Control program reorganization
Bombardier Inc.
 Complete reorganization of the Sea-Doo production line PLC program control.

Automated welding cell
CEGEP de La Pocatière
 Conception and realization of an automated welding cell and automated storing system.

Usine St-Raymond
Fine paper machine
  Participation in installation, start-up and breakdown of the fine paper machine.


 Conception of PLC training books.

Training on programmable controllers
Alcan Inc.
 Training on Allen Bradley PLC-5 programmable controllers.

CEGEP de La Pocatière
 Training on milling machine and CNC lathe.

Training on ProWorks+ software
IBM Inc.
 Training on ProWorks+ PLC software by Taylor Software (for Modicon PLCs).


Localisation plans
Bombardier Inc.
 Update and alterations of the localisation plans of the Valcourt production plants on AutoCAD software according to project requirements. Realization of plans for special projects and layouts of future installations. Implementation of a plan management system for plants exploiting the AutoCAD capacities (including the customizing of menus).

Cost control study
Verbom Inc.
 Cost control study of electrical installations for the implementation of a 6 stages automated bending machine.


 This resume of our realizations is partial. We can gladly supply, upon your request, a more detailed and/or targeted list of our accomplishments.

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